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With the City Central Train Table, the kids are sure to have the best time every time. The train can be run and made to stop over a fuel station for refuelling, just like in real life.

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If you want to give your kids a memorable experience every time they play with their trains, then you should get them a Imaginarium Mountain Rock Train Table. This set comes with a lot of great accessories and features that will surely enhance your kids’ creativity and intuitiveness. The experience is so real-life that they get exposed to grownup things as early but without compromising them in any way as well.

This train tables set is going to provide a different kind of adventure to your beloved little ones. You get two play boards in one so the kids have the choice between a plain green surface or one with graphics on. There are lots of great things in this table such as a fuel station, airport, mountain tunnels, and a lighted bridge. It is a very interactive table given that children can get enthralled with the working lights, sounds and a crane that has a magnetic picking up grapple for the realistic feel. Both the sound and light effects can be powered by the wooden engine on trains or magnetic cars.

Imaginarium Train Table Product Features:

    • Includes 100 pieces of different accessories and parts for track sections
    • Has built-in drawers for neat storage when not used
    • Has working lights and sounds
    • Two table tops in one (solid green and graphic one)
    • Sophisticated look of wood
    • Train track stretches to up to 23 plus feet
    • Scratch-resistant and easy-wipe cleaning

Interactive Functions and Loads of Accessories

With the Imaginarium Train Table, the kids are sure to have the best time every time. The train can be run and made to stop over a fuel station for refuelling, just like in real life. It can even go over the airport and tunnels or even go over a bridge with working lights. The package is also loaded with lots of accessories to fill the set: 100 bit and pieces, 23 feet of train track, one truck, four miniature people, twelve pieces of cargo, four street signs, seven trees, four street lamps, one helicopter, one truck, one car, eight train cars and four street signs, seven trees.

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Designed for Convenience

There are lots of different brands and types of train tables on the market, but you would seldom find one that will give you the best value for your money in terms of convenience and reliability. But with Imaginarium Train Table, you get all of those. The set is made of wood with a mahogany colour finish for a sophisticated look and feel. It also comes with two spacious drawers to fill in with accessories and toys when not in use; you get rid the floor of clutter and you also keep everyone safe from tripping. It may take time to assemble the entire package but it sure is worth it.

imaginarium train table

What Customers Have To Say about the Imaginarium Train Table

There have been much said about the Imaginarium Train Table: City Central Train Table and we picked up some of them for you…

“Our grandson is loving this train table every time he uses it. It makes him feel like he is taking control of the world by being able to “fly” and “operate” the things in his set. It is also able to withstand his playful hands and mind. Setting up is easy and the wood elements are smoothly finished for its sleek look. All in all, this is a good buy and we give it five stars!”-Delicateflowers

“For its value, this thing has a serious construction. What we love about it is that it is able to fit brio and Thomas sets which we already have. My son just cannot get over playing with his City Central Train Table.”-bruintarheel

Prices of the Imaginarium Train Table vary from every online buying and physical toy stores. Now that Christmas is coming up, you sure have a lot of kids to give gifts to so it would be great if you can get this at a cheaper price. If that is what you want, then we found the right place for you. Go to Amazon and place your orders now.

For more about Imaginarium Train Table, know about what parents and grandparents have to say after getting their very own. Read their reviews on Amazon and also find out how they have rated this train table.

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